I had din­ner tonight with an accom­plished Archi­tect in our city.  He is FAIA, and well respect­ed in this com­mu­ni­ty of one mil­lion peo­ple.  I was sur­prised to hear him say that at this end of his life, (he is in his 80’s),  cer­tain things about his career are not as impor­tant as they once were.  Do we get “burned out”?  Do we lose our enthu­si­asm and pas­sion for our cre­ative projects? When do we turn from being adamant about get­ting the details “just right”, to being blase and accept­ing of deviances from our orig­i­nal designs.  One should not tol­er­ate the loss of pas­sion, and com­mitt­ment to excel­lence, in what ever cre­ative work we under­take.  Nev­er give in!  Nev­er let up!  Always expect the best of your­self.  The pay­ing client deserves our very best efforts, no mat­ter how many years we have been creating…buildings, envi­ron­ments, works of art, nov­els, or what­ev­er!!!   Always be the best you can be, and you will nev­er have regrets.   Shh­h­hh from the art whis­per­er.…..

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