I had dinner tonight with an accomplished Architect in our city.  He is FAIA, and well respected in this community of one million people.  I was surprised to hear him say that at this end of his life, (he is in his 80’s),  certain things about his career are not as important as they once were.  Do we get “burned out”?  Do we lose our enthusiasm and passion for our creative projects? When do we turn from being adamant about getting the details “just right”, to being blase and accepting of deviances from our original designs.  One should not tolerate the loss of passion, and committment to excellence, in what ever creative work we undertake.  Never give in!  Never let up!  Always expect the best of yourself.  The paying client deserves our very best efforts, no matter how many years we have been creating…buildings, environments, works of art, novels, or whatever!!!   Always be the best you can be, and you will never have regrets.   Shhhhh from the art whisperer……

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