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Carole Laventhol

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Master of Fine Arts in Art. San Diego State University, San Diego, California.

Bachelor of Art in Fine Arts. San Diego State University, San Diego, California. Graduated with honors.

California Teaching Credential. Special Secondary In Art.

San Diego Museum of Art: Painting course with John Baldessari.

Current Memberships

San Diego Museum of Art, Balboa Park, San Diego, CA.
Museum of Contemporary Art. San Diego, California.
Friends of the Stuart Collection, UCSD, San Diego, California.
The Charter 100: Woman Leaders organization.  (Invitational.)
The Athenaeum Music and Arts Library.
San Diego State University Art Council. (Founding President of the Board.)
Mingei International Museum of Folk Art.
Lux Art Institute.

Selected Awards and Honors

Athenaeum Arts and Music Library, La Jolla, California. Board of Directors, 2010-2016.

University of California at San Diego, University Art Gallery. Board of Directors, 1996-2002.

California Council for Interior Design Certification, 1993 to present.

National Council for Interior Design Qualification, 1993 to present.

Public Arts Advisory Council for the County of San Diego, California. Board of Directors, 1989-1992 (Appointed by County Supervisor for District 3 in San Diego County); Honorary Grant Juror, 1987.

University of California at San Diego, Mandeville Gallery. Board of Directors, 1987-1992; Board President, 1990-91.

Installation Gallery, San Diego (Non-profit artist alternative space). Board of Directors, 1983-1985.

Jewish Community Center, Painting of the Year exhibit, San Diego, California. First Prize for Carole’s “Baklavah” painting, 1981.

San Diego State Art Council. Founding President of the Board, 1980; Board of Directors, 1980-1987.

California South Exhibit, San Diego Museum of Art. Purchase Prize for Carole’s “Abstraction” painting.

Kappa Pi, Honorary Art Fraternity.

Union-Tribune Grant for Art.

San Diego Women’s Club, Scholarship Grant.

California Scholarship Federation, Life Member.

Bank of America Award in Art.

Reader’s Digest Award.

Hoover High School, San Diego, California. Valedictorian, class of 775 students.

Recipient of scholarship to Stanford University (did not accept).

Professional Experience

Art Consultant (selected clients)

Dr. Karen Anderson, DPM, La Mesa, California
Selected, purchased, and installed several works of art throughout the offices. 2010.

Murray and Elaine Galinson, Private residence, La Jolla, California. 2009.

Dunham and Associates, Investment Counsel, Inc., 10251 Vista Sorrento Parkway, San Diego, California.
Selected, purchased, arranged shipping, framed, installed, and wrote labels for office art collection, consisting of 10 art works, to date. 2005-2008.

Dr. Karen Anderson, DPM, 7785 Fay Avenue, La Jolla, California.
Selected, purchased, framed, and installed art works for lobby. 2006.

Brandes Investment Partners, LP, 11988 El Camino Real, Ste 500, San Diego, California.
Selected, purchased, arranged shipping and receiving, framed, installed, and wrote labels for Corporate Art Collection, consisting of 125 works of art, covering 6 large floors of their office building. 2001-2004.

Charles and Linda Brandes, Private collection, Rancho Santa Fe, California.
Selected, purchased, and arranged shipping, framing, and installation of a major art collection, consisting of sculpture by Henry Moore, George Rickey, Deborah Butterfield, Barry Flannagan; Botero, Jim Dine, Folon, Dennis Oppenheim, John Chamberlain, Alberto Giacometti, Michael Todd, etc. Purchased and installed paintings by Rene Magritte, Robert Motherwell, Hans Hoffmann, Daren Watersten, Helen Frankenthaler, Leigh Yen Wen, and Wade Hoeffer, photography by Stephen McCurry, etc. 1993-2004.

Linda Brandes, Penthouse apartment, Park Ave., New York, New York.
Selected, purchased and installed paintings and art works by Andy Warhol, Sam Francis, Roy Lichtenstein, Frank Stella, Jim Dine, Al Sousa, Polles, Wade Hoeffer, Harry Bertoia, and Olga de Amaral; photography by Stephen McCurry. 1999-present.

Linda Brandes, Ocean front beach house, Del Mar, California.
Selected, purchased, framed, and installed art works by Robert Motherwell, Billy Al Bengston, Allison Renshaw, etc. 1995-present.

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Carlson, Private art collection, Del Mar, California.
Selected, purchased, framed and installed art works by George Rickey, Italo Scanga, Steven Curry, Salomon Huerta, Ellsworth Kelley, William Glen Crooks, etc. 1994-present.

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Currie, Offices and private collection, La Jolla, California and Sun Valley, Idaho; Currie Partners, Scripps Ranch, San Diego, California.
Selected, purchased, framed, and installed art works by Craig Kaufmann, Ellen Irvine, Dale Chihuly, Barbara Weldon, Laddie John Dill, Mathieu Gregoire, etc.

 Interior Designer

Owner and Principal Interior Designer, CAROLE LAVENTHOL FINE ART+DESIGN, an interior design and Fine Art consulting firm. 1992 to present.

Interior Designer, Design Center, San Diego, California.

Interior Designer, Gerald Jerome Interiors, San Diego, California

Interior Designer, Furniture Forum, San Diego, California.

Owner and Designer, ETCETERA, CLOTHES AND THINGS, a retail store and art gallery     in Mission Valley, San Diego, California.


San Diego City Schools. Drawing, Painting, Design. 4 years.
Mesa College. Oil Painting, Art History. 1 year.
Point Loma College. Architecture, Interior Design. 1 year.
San Diego Jewish Community Center. Adult Painting, Drawing. 4 years.
San Diego City Schools, Adult Education. Art History. 2 years.

Fine Artist

 Oil, acrylic, and watercolor paintings by Carole, exhibited in:    San Diego Museum of Art;   Tucson, Arizona Museum of Art;   Long Beach Museum of Art, Long Beach, CA.;  and the gallery at Cal State, Fullerton, CA., in addition to several galleries throughout the United States.

Selected Interior Design Clients

Residence: Mrs. Linda Brandes, La Bajada, Rancho Santa Fe, California. 2011 to present.

Residence: Dr. Karen Anderson and Mr. Roman Zajcew, La Mesa, California. 2012.

Offices: Dr. Karen Anderson, DPM, La Mesa, California. 2010.

Offices: Dr. Karen Anderson, DPM, La Jolla, California. 2006.

Residence: Mr. and Mrs. Glen Carlson, Del Mar, California. 2004 to present.

Residence: Mr. and Mrs. Ron Currie, La Jolla, California. 2004 to present.

Residence: Dr. and Mrs. Joe Kennedy, La Jolla, California. 2005.

Residence: Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Coleman, La Jolla, California. 2004.

Residence: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Root, Phoenix, Arizona. 2003.

Residence: Rancho Santa Fe, California. Architect Norm Applebaum. 50,000 square feet. 2001-2005.

Residence: Mr. and Mrs. Ron Currie, Sun Valley, Idaho. 2002.

Residence: 515 Park Ave. Penthouse (42-43 floors), New York, New York. 6000 square feet. 2001-2003.  Refreshed in 2015.

Residence: The Carlson Family, Deer Valley, Utah. 5 bedroom Ski House. 5000 Square feet. 2001.

Residence: 515 Park Avenue (29th floor), New York, New York. 4000 square feet. 1999-2000.

Residence: Mr. Jeffrey Dunham, Fairbanks Ranch, San Diego, California. 1999.

Guest House: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brandes, Rancho Santa Fe, California. 3000 square feet. 1999.

Residence: Del Mar, California. Oceanfront Beach House, five bedrooms. 1999.

Residence: Mr. Charles Brandes, Trump Tower, New York, New York. 2000 square feet. 1998.

Offices: Brandes Investment Partners, Private office for the Chairman. 1998.

Residence: Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Carlson, Del Mar, California. 1997-1999.

Residence: Mr. and Mrs. Marc Brutten, Rancho Santa Fe, California. 8000 square feet. 1996-1999.

Residence: Linda and Charles Brandes, Rancho Santa Fe, California. 7000 square feet. 1993-1995.

Residence: Mr. and Mrs. John Kennedy Baldwin, Del Mar, California. 5000 square feet. 1992-1995.

Residence: Mrs. Irene Allis, La Jolla, California. Architectural and interior design. 1993.

Residence: Karwin Company, 2551 Calle del Oro, La Jolla, California. Architectural design for a residence. 5000 square feet. 1991-1992.

Residence: Mr. Ron Currie, La Jolla, California. 4000 square feet. 1985-1995.

Residence: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shapiro Point Loma, California. 3500 square feet. 1988-1989.

Offices: Dr. John Feighner, Solana Beach, California. 1988.

Residence: Mr. and Mrs. Ron Currie, Sun Valley, Idaho. 4500 square feet. 1985-1989.

Residence: Dr. and Mrs. John Feighner, Rancho Santa Fe, California. 1979-1980.

Selected Publications

Van Doren, Phyllis. “A Discerning Eye: At home with interior designer/artist Carole Laventhol,” San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles (October 2009), pages 46-53.

Perillo, Michele. South Coast Style (2003), pages 192-193.

San Diego Home and Garden magazine. Interior design for Home of the Year Award, 1999.

Perillo, Michele. “On the Market,” South Coast Style (1997/1998), page 126.

Perillo, Michele. “Art.” “Countertops,” “Unique Stone Imports,” and “Interior Design,” South Coast Style (1996/1997), pages 46-49, 84-87, 122-123, and 162.

Shepardson, Mary. “Crowning Glory,” Decorating & Style (November 1995), pages 42-44.

Exhibition Catalog: Carole Laventhol: Gaea Series, 50 pages, San Diego Mesa College (1989), curator: Kathleen Stoughton; Illustrated.

Lewinson, David. “Exploration of the Sexes,” Los Angeles Times (June 2, 1989) part 1U, page 19B; Illustration.

McDonald, Robert. “At Home with Carole and Dick Laventhol,” Copley News Service syndicated column (March 5, 1986).

Lewinson, David. “Abstract Expressionism Finds a Home on the Range,” San Diego Union (November 8, 1984), page C-8.

Reilly, Richard. “KPBS Auction Has Winners,” San Diego Union (June 6 1982), page E-8.

Levine, Joan. “San Diegans Win 3 Art Awards,” San Diego Evening Tribune (November 6, 1981).

Reich, Sheldon. “At the Galleries,” Tucson Daily Citizen (June 18, 1981).

Wingate, Adina. “Abstract Expressionism: It May Yet Find A Niche,” Tucson Dally Citizen (March 31, 1974), Illustration.

Kietzman, Dr. Armin. “Jewish Show: fun & Tensions,” San Diego Union (March 13, 1966), Illustrations.

Hagberg, Marilyn. “The Cellar,” San Diego Magazine (June, 1965), page 97.

Baker, Naomi. “Carole Becker Exhibits Oils,” San Diego Evening Tribune (Tuesday, August 24, 1965), section A, page 21.

Kietzman, Dr. Armin. “Carole Becker Show: View is Ambiguous,” San Diego Union (August, 1965).

Selected Art Exhibitions (Carole’s paintings)

2005 “Selected Paintings.” The FrameMaker, San Diego, California.
1990 “Seven Works by Carole Laventhol.” Design Showcase House, San Diego, California.
1989 “Gaea Series.” San Diego Mesa College, San Diego, California.
1989 “Four California Artists.” Annex Gallery, San Diego, California.
1988 Untitled. Anne Reed Gallery, Ketchum, Idaho.
1984 “Baklavah Series III.” Wenger Gallery, San Diego, California.
1983 Represented by Ruth Cohen Gallery, Chicago, Illinois.
1975 “Ten Year Retrospective.” University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona.
1966 “One Person Show.” Art Seller Gallery, Los Angeles, California.

Selected Public Collections (Carole’s paintings)

Brandes Investment Partners, San Diego, California.
The Corson Company, Menlo Park, California.
Emerald-Shapery Pan Pacific Hotel, San Diego, California.
Federal Reserve Bank, San Francisco, California.
Marathon Assets, San Diego, California.
Mission Valley Center Association, San Diego, California.
Sharp Hospital, San Diego, California.
Steres, Alpert, and Carnes, San Diego, California.
P.S. Group, San Diego, California.
Unysis Corporation, San Diego, California.

Selected Private Collections (Carole’s paintings)

Dr. and Mrs. Fred Frye, San Diego, California.
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Currie, Sun Valley, Idaho
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Currie, La Jolla, California.
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Gardener, New York City, NY.
Ms. Jain Malkin, La Jolla, California.
Mr. Michael Bliss, San Diego, California.
Mrs. Carol Baumer, La Jolla, California.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Baker, Hawaii.
Mrs. Joyce Krichman, San Diego, California.
Mrs. Karin Fink, Chula Vista, California.
Mrs. Ilse Ruocco, San Diego, California.
Mrs. Beverly Booher, Solana Beach, California.
Mrs. Gay Odmark, Sun Valley, Idaho.

Selected Travel

2012 Hamptons and New York, New York. Art tour with Friends of the Stuart Collection, UCSD.

2011 New Orleans, Louisiana. Art tour with Friends of the Stuart Collection, UCSD.

2010 New York, New York. Abstract Expressionism Show: MOMA.

2010 Sun Valley, Idaho.

2008 California. Napa Valley, San Francisco, Museums in the Presidio.

2008 New York, New York. Bronx Botanical Gardens-Henry Moore Sculpture exhibit

2007 San Francisco, California. Design Market, DeYoung Museum, SF Moma.

2006-07 Christmas in Sun Valley, Idaho. Galleries: Gail Severn, Ann Reed.

2005 Tour of Brazil. SA, with InSite: Sao Paolo Biennial Exhibition, Rio de Janiero, Bella Horizonte, Oro Prieto, Bello Horizonte, Bazilia, Iguasu Falls.

2004 India. Rajasthan, Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Udaipor, Jaiselmeer, 30 day tour.

2003 New York and Boston. Art Tour with MCASD. Dia Beacon, tour of Jenny Holtzer’s farm and studio. Spent afternoon with Jenny Holtzer.

2002 Miami, Florida. Basel Art Fair. Toured private collections.

1999 October. New York City. Clemente exhibition, American Art of this Century exhibition; met with Tod Williams and Billie Tsien, Architects; Caio Fonseca studio in Greenwich Village.

1999 September. Vancouver, British Columbia.

1999 May. Seattle, Washington. UCSD Benefactors Art Tour.

1999 January. New York City. Jackson Pollack exhibition.

1998 June. New York City. Design Trump Tower apartment.

1998 France and Spain. Tour with UCSD Art Council. Bilbao: Guggenheim Museum, Chillida Foundation and Sculpture Garden; Barcelona, Madrid. Paris: Giverny and Monet’s Garden.

1997 Blakely Island, San Juan Islands, Washington.

1996 UCSD Art tour of Philadelphia and New York City: Jasper Johns exhibition.

1995 San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Study of art, architecture and history.

1995 Oregon coast tour.

1995 Santa Fe, New Mexico. Art tour, Site Santa Fe.

1995 Tour of Scandinavia and Russia, “Creativity and Madness”, Hermitage Museum, etc.

1994 Kenya and Tanzania, Africa. Safari. 21 days.

1994 New York. DeKooning exhibition, Cy Twombly exhibition.

1993 New York. Matisse and Magritte exhibitions, Martha’s Vineyard, Mass.

1992 Yucatan, Mexico. Tour with the San Diego Symphony. Mayan Ruins, etc.

1991 New York. Whitney Biennial Exhibition, Galleries, private collections, Metropolitan Museum, Fauve Exhibit, Delacroix Exhibit. Visit with Leo Castelli. Dinner at the home of Andre Emerich. Toured Rinebeck, Storm King Sculpture Gardens.

1988 La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art, Collectors Group tour. Italy: Venice Bienale; Aperto Exhibition; Palazzo Grazzi, Guggenheim collection, Jim Dine Retrospective, etc.; Switzerland: Zurich, Schhofhausen: Reiks Collection. Florence: Prato Museum, Guilani Gori collection. Pistoia; Count Panza collection, Varese. Lunch with Count Guiseppe Panza di Biumo and his son. Palazzo Grazzi, Guggenheim collection, Jim Dine Retrospective, etc.; Switzerland: Zurich, Schofhausen: Reichs Collection. Florence: Prato Museum, Giuilanl Gori Collection, Pistoia; Count Panza Collection.

1987 Germany, Scotland, and France. Documenta 8, Kassel; Ludwig Museum, Cologne; Dusseldorf; Munster, Outdoor Sculpture; Museum d’Orsay.

1986 Paris, France. FIAC. Met Joan Mitchell and M. Fournier (gallery owner).

1985 Chicago Art Fair (also 1986, 1989, 1990, 1996,1997).

1984 New York, Picasso Exhibition; Washington, DC, East Wing of the National Gallery.

1983 New York. Tour of artist studios with Mary Beebe, director of the Stuart Collection of Art, UCSD. Visits with Frank Stella at his studio, Robert Kushner, Michele Stuart, Holly Solomon, Lunch with Marsha Tucker, New Museum of Art, Robert Goodnough, etc.

1978 Orient Tour: Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore.

1975 England, Channel Islands.

1970 Europe, Greece, Israel.

1966 Europe. Six-week tour of 13 countries.

1962 Mexico. Mexico City, Acapulco.