Is Art all over?

Every day I receive a “pile” of e mails from various art news letters, magazines, galleries, artists, and art consultants.

I see the same kinds of art everywhere. I see the same art that I’ve been looking at for decades. Is it true that nothing is original? Are new, and younger artists just repeating what has gone before?

Is most of the art in today’s world derivative? Where are the artists that make us think? Where are those that explode what has gone before, into art exploring new directions, and new ideas? Has the art world become just another place where hype is emphasized, for greed?

It seems to me that there is a lot of what I call “art polution” in the world today. Why do it, if you have nothing to say?

If you feel genuinely called to be an artist, why not stay very still for a very long time, and listen to your soul. Listen to what it is inside you that has something authentic to say to the world. Keep away from museums and galleries and art periodicals and internet art. Just make what expresses that which you need to say, truly, from deep inside you.

This is what makes the Mozarts, the De Koonings, the Jaume Plensas in our world:
true authenticity and a vision to create outside the accepted, contrived, media seen everywhere around us. Dear Artist, please be your true authentic self.

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2 Responses to Is Art all over?

  1. carole says:

    Date: May 16, 2011 9:14:39 AM PDT
    Like your blog.  What constitutes art ?  Graffiti Art ?  Computer Art ? How to judge what is good graffiti and computer art ?  Most are pollution but eventually great artists will be identified here also. Best  Roger

  2. carole says:

    From: Glen Crooks
    Date: May 17, 2011 7:00:09 PM PDT
    Hi, I have been thinking along these lines but I thought that I was just ill informed because I never leave the studio. The work I do see I like but don’t love. None of it has the guts to insult me or the vision to leave me in awe. I miss the days when new work would just slap me in the face! But like I said maybe I should get out more. Glen

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